Therapeutic concepts at the
Gelenk- und Wirbelsäulenzentrum Potsdam

In the near future, our therapeutic concepts and the spectrum of our treatment will here be listed in detail.

We will try to explain to you all the possibilities offered by today’s modern orthopedic-conservative and orthopedic-surgical treatment options. It is important that you have understood what we have tried to explain to you, so that you can sufficiently deal with your therapeutic concept. There should be nothing – neither unexplained nor misunderstood – between your recovery and cure.

Many questions that patients want to ask the medical colleagues are suddenly not available during the presentation in the consultation. Often they arise after the patient-physician communication in the following days. To the next re-presentation time there are often several days to weeks, so that ignorance or incomprehension suddenly creates uncertainty that could easily be avoided by a little more explanations.

Therefor we will try to help our patients in order to understand the diseases with all their consequences respectively their healing and its healing process much better.

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